Creating Account As Seller/Vendor

1. Click on the “Login/Register” on the top right of any page.

2. You will be redirected to a page. Click on the “Register” button at the right bottom of the that page.

3. Now click “I am a Vendor” and fill up all the data required for registration.

4. Accept terms and conditions of our website and submit. Done!

Profile Setup Process

1.Register yourself as a seller/vendor

2. Contact the Bonican Team to activate your account as seller/vendor

3. Complete your profile according to the progress bar instructions. Go to your profile setting and complete the as required.

How to Upload Product

1.Click on the products tab on the left side of your account

2. In the next page you will see add product button at the top. Click on that button.

3. A new pop up will come.

  • Now upload your product image.
  • Give a title/name to the product
  • Input your price considering our commission rate
  • Select one or two categories that match the product best
  • Add some tags from the existing tags or keep it empty. We will add tag for your products
  • Now click on the “Create button”
  • You can also click on the “Create and add new” button to add another product instantly.

4. Now you will see that your product is in pending status. We will check the product and make it live shortly.